Protecting Your Greatest Asset: Your Audience Data

Panelist Rhonda Knehans Drake
A Webinar Hosted by Target Marketing, March 8, 2011

Whether you're a consumer, business-to-business, association or any other type of publisher, you know that your most valuable asset is your customer data. It's also your responsibility to protect it! Maintaining large amounts of customer data isn't easy. Done with care, it can deliver greater customer loyalty ... done poorly, it can open you up to crippling financial risks.

Industry experts including Rhonda Drake present the best practices in the two essential areas of data protection:
  • Your privacy practices
  • Your data security
In this session you'll learn:
  • How to develop privacy practices that establish trust with your audience
  • What are the privacy practices that protect your company and your customers under constantly evolving privacy legislation
  • How to manage the security risks with data/list sharing or rentals
  • The financial impact of a data breach and how to eliminate the risk of one happening to you
  • What are the new technologies that can help you protect your data

Click here to download Rhonda Drakes presentation.

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