The Nuts and Bolts of Database Marketing
What Every Marketer Needs to Know to be Successful in this New Digital Era

Presented by Perry at a Direct Marketing Association Luncheon
held on Long Island, New York, June 17, 2010

We build a marketing database for one main goal - to gain a better understanding of our customers in order to increase the customerís satisfaction and the organizations objectives and to do so as efficiently as possible. A fulfillment file will allow you to meet some of the organizations objectives but certainly not all and certainly not in the most efficient manner. Throughout this presentation it is revealed what you can additionally expect to accomplish with the build of a marketing database and how you can do so profitably. In addition, this presentation dicusses the challenges faced when building a marketing database in the new digital era including data overload, siloed data, and proper campaign attribution.

To view the presentation as a pdf file, click here.

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