Building a Profit Producing Database...What Every Marketer Needs to Know to be Successful

Presented by Perry and Rhonda Drake at the Annual Circulation Management Conference, Hyatt Regency, Chicago, June 14-16, 2006

Advertising uncertainties and mounting costs are putting increasing pressure on publishers to develop new revenue streams, and many are looking to their databases as assets that they can leverage beyond list-rental revenue. At this session, you will learn how to create, augment, and leverage a powerful reader database.

Toimages discussed include:
  • Why build a marketing database
  • Top reasons why we fail
  • What functional areas it is must support
  • Profit drivers
  • Who will be using the database and what is must deliver
  • What should be stored on the database
  • How often should the database be updated
  • Dashboards and other tool considerations
  • Should the database be built in-house or outsourced
  • Quantifying profit

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