How to Build a Marketing Database and Use it to Get More Sales and Profits

Presented by Perry D. Drake in conjunction with the USPS at the Westchester Direct Marketing Forum - April 15, 2003.

Last year they said business would get better this year. Now they say it will be next year. But you can't afford to wait. You need effective marketing results now.

The strategies of direct marketing are the best solution and they work for both big and small companies.
  • Use measurable media (including ads, mail, e-mail, telephone, radio and even TV) to acquire customers and keep in touch with them.
  • Create advertisting and offers that are relevant to your cusotmer segments so they will want to respond directly to you.
  • Build databases of customers and inquirers so you can communicate with them regularly and build more sales and profits for your company.
At this Marketing Forum, you will learn about these powerful direct marketing techniques and how you can implement them in your business now. They will make your marketing more efficient and give you a competitive advantage now. And they will make you better prepared to do even more business when the economy rebounds.

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