Demystifying the Modeling Process Through Proper Testing Techniques


Demystifying the Modeling Process Through Proper Testing Techniques



Presented by Perry D. Drake at the Annual DMA Non-Profit Conference, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, August 17-18, 2005


Did you know that response models are not difficult to implement? They will allow you to reap great rewards in terms of improving response to weak lists, penetrate lists that are typically off limits, or determine which names on a list are most likely to yield a higher lifetime value than others. The benefits and applications of modeling are ultimately limitless.

At this easy to understand “how-to” session you will learn:

  • All the various ways models are used by direct marketers today
  • How the sample is created upon which these models are built
  • How the customer data is manipulated to ensure the models are strong
  • The various modeling techniques that are employed and which is better
  • How names are scored and ranked to help the marketer in the promotional decision

This session is for the marketer who has little to no experience in this arena and has a desire to better understand the benefits for their organization.


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