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Below is a list of all past database and digital marketing articles, presentations, and cases by Drake Direct. Also provided are links to the Drake Direct blog and twitter feed.


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The Plan-alzyer, A Free Test Design Tool
Sample Size Calculator, sampling error calculator

Drake Direct has created a free Excel based tool for marketers to help them design and analyze their marketing test results. It also includes a break-even calculator. Various test design and analysis “how-to” videos can be found on Perry’s Youtube channel. Check them out.

Perry’s Youtube Channel
Professor Drake Youtube channel







Perrys dsicusses various topics including how to use Alexa for competitive analysis, google keyword suggestion tool, interviewing tips for digital marketers, etc. 26 videos in total on many topics.

Optimal Database Marketing
optimal database marketing

The definitive marketing data analytics books available today. Used throughout many universities within marketing data analytics programs including NYU. This book also discusses multivariate and factorial test design.